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An in-depth look at it takes to craft winning grant proposals for nonprofit programs. The course covers building your fundraising case, to learning...
3 total hours
$29.99 $13
Grant writing can seem overwhelming. Really overwhelming.  How do you know where to start?  How do you know which grants are good for your organiza...
1 total hour
The course is a series of lectures, and includes downloaded forms. In this course we learn which information and documents are essential in order t...
1 total hour
$44.99 $14
In these grant writing classes, you'll learn how to read federal grant application guidelines; determine what is required for a highly competi...
1.5 total hours
Welcome to the Sustainability Forces – we have been waiting for you. This course has been put together by people, who believe in the power of busin...
35 total mins
Many nonprofits are worried about tax law changes affecting donations. To be competitive, you need to diversify and build your skills for generatin...
1.5 total hours
Welcome to the Ultimate Guide for Executive Travel Planning course for Assistants! This 4 hour course is designed to be incredibly hands on and pra...
4.5 total hours
For visitors to Montana’s Glacier Country, EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING—and as a Glacier Country business, your employees have a huge impac...
2 hours
This course ensures that travel services are constantly selling no matter when during the year. It will ensure that through tackling subjects as 12...
40 total mins
This course will tackle the following subjects: 1. Tourism Terminologies: Such as Accessible Tourism, BSP, GDS, GSA, Pitch, Single Supplement etc. ...
1 total hour
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