An avid traveler and lifelong learner, Isaac has been working in the education and training industry since 2008. Isaac’s keen insights into intercultural communication are largely the result of having lived and taught in Mexico, Spain, South Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, and Switzerland. Recognizing that learning is more of a journey than a destination, Isaac has earned a bachelor’s degree in international business, an MBA from the University of North Carolina, an MS in international management from the Institute of Business Studies in Moscow, and a doctorate in business administration from the University of Liverpool in the UK. Isaac currently works to spread high-quality education around the world in his role as vice president of operations at an educational company while also teaching business, entrepreneurship, and international business at a nonprofit in the US. When it comes to education, Isaac’s catchphrase of “Let’s do it!” – accompanied with unending enthusiasm, ensures that training will always have the biggest impact possible.

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