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Executive Travel Planning for Assistants in 2023

Manage flights, hotels, and car services for corporate travel like a pro! PLUS travel changes during a global crisis.
Erin Booth
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This course covers executive travel booking and management for Executive and Virtual Assistants.

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide for Executive Travel Planning course for Assistants! This 4 hour course is designed to be incredibly hands on and practical:

  • Do booking exercises and practice tests so you learn more than theory – you’ll actually learn how to do it.

  • Learn the best and most up-to-date tools to help make travel management easier and faster.

  • Download templates and checklists – all carefully designed to make you a travel pro by the time you complete the course.

Check out some of the many skills you will learn:

  • Learn the ins and outs of domestic, international, and private air travel.

  • Navigate airline elite status, upgrades, and alliances

  • Book flights specifically for infants, toddlers, and even pets.

  • Navigate after-hours emergencies (like lost passports)

  • Help your client find the best money exchange platforms across the globe.

  • Prepare your exec’s mobile phone for international travel.

  • Discover how to find stellar hotels primed for business travel, and research Airbnbs (that are primed for business and scam free).

  • Help your clients skip the counter at car rental agencies.

  • Know how to find the hotels with the fastest WiFi around the globe.

  • Learn how to set up offline maps so your client will never get lost abroad again.

  • Book true LUXURY 5-star travel and make your client travel like a millionaire.


That travel booking is one of the most in-demand skills for assistants?

Business travel is set to reach a staggering $1.7 trillion by 2023. As business and luxury travel needs increase, so does the demand for a travel assistants like you!

Making travel arrangements and keeping your executive clients happy while on the road requires a lot of meticulous planning.

I will teach you how to be insanely organized, consistently proactive and preemptively ready for potential issues.

These are the skills and qualities that will make your travel services top-notch and worth top dollar.


“I LOVED this course! I’ve been booking travel for executives for over 20 years and thought I knew enough. Your course proved otherwise. Just knowing how to book flights, hotels and arrange transportation isn’t the half of it. Your course has so much valuable, time and money saving information it’s mind blowing! I couldn’t believe how much more there was to learn about booking travel, especially the luxury section — super cool! Your links, tips, tricks, and templates are GOLD. Thank you for this course — can’t wait until I get my next client request so I can apply my new skills! And, of course, I will use my new knowledge when booking personal travel too. If anyone is on the fence about taking this course, don’t hesitate. You will definitely learn something you don’t know and have all of the information you need at your fingertips to provide valuable services to your clients.”

“This course offered a huge variety of information and resources around travel planning and management and I now feel well prepared to manage domestic and international travel for my clients. Especially useful were the little tricks and bonus tips that I normally wouldn’t even think about looking for. I am sure that I will revisit this course often whenever I’m encountering specific situations or needs of my clients that are outside of the norm.” *

“Very informative, fun to listen to, and packed with useful material. A great course for someone who has worked in Travel but never worked in Business Travel, or for Personal Assistants and Administrators.”

“I think this course has incredible tips, hacks and trades for assistants and just has great travel knowledge in general. So much time and money can be saved simply by applying the information here. 100% would recommend.”


Introduction: Set Yourself Up for Success!

This course covers a wide variety of travel tips, hacks, tools, and best practices for all types of travel.

Since the content within is quite dense (and there are plenty of practical tests to ensure that you've mastered each module), the best way to set yourself up for success is to set aside dedicated time each day to complete lectures.

Don't forget to download the following documents to help you get started:

Travel Glossary! I’ve compiled the travel terms, acronyms, and the industry jargon that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with. It will make the course that much easier.

Cheat sheet This document is packed with handy info, my a live list of apps to download for your executive to airline baggage policies to direct phone numbers to most major airlines. Basically, it takes the pain away of searching for policies.

Client Onboarding Spreadsheet All the details you'll need to book travel for your clients.

Travel Onboarding

Capturing Client Details

Here's a quick rundown of how to use the onboarding document and what information you should be capturing from your clients.

Note that in Dec. 2020, this spreadsheet has been slightly amended with updates to new, pertinent questions and layout.

Tools to Track Travel Requests

The best way to set yourself (and your client) up for travel planning success is to ensure that you’ve captured your clients data and preferences.

Airport Security Programs

Airport Security Program Introduction

Before we get into domestic and international travel and booking exercises, I wanted to first talk about how you can help your clients expedite or avoid long lines at airport security. Let's start with a brief rundown of how security currently functions.

TSA PreCheck

Let’s start with TSA Precheck because it’s the most popular of the airport security screening programs. We'll cover what the program is, who can apply, what it costs, and how you can fill out an application on your client's behalf.

Global Entry

Global Entry is run by the US Customs and Border Protection. This program includes free TSA PreCheck but also adds the ability to get through customs more quickly when entering the US from travel abroad. We'll also cover who can apply, the cost, and how you can apply on your client's behalf.


Unlike TSA PreCheck and Global Entry, Clear is run by a private company and not the government. We'll cover how this program differs from the others, who can apply, the cost, and how you can help your client apply.

BONUS: Mobile Passport Control App

This mobile app is TSA's best kept secret (until now). Learn how this free app can help expedite your client's entry into the United States when traveling by air (internationally).

Security Quiz

Quiz time! Let's ensure you understand the various programs and how they may help your client.

Domestic Air Travel

Introduction to Domestic Air Travel

In this lecture, we’re going to discuss best practices for running general searches for domestic travel, as well as cancellation rules that apply only to the United States, and best tools to help you book flights.

BONUS: How to Prioritize Travel Requests

When a client sends you a request to book a flight, it’s in your best interest to prioritize travel and run a flight search as soon as you can. Let's learn why it matters and what tools you can use to help ensure you always see a request come in!

Myth Busting!

Let's discuss two common booking myths: Clearing cooking and searching for flights in incognito mode (and what's really happening behind the scenes).

Best Booking Tools for Domestic Travel

How can you help ensure that your clients are getting the best price in airfare? We can use a variety of tools. I recommend that you bookmark all of the tools that we cover throughout this course. PS, these are also listed on your cheat sheet!

Best and Worst Times to Book

While travel prices ebb and flow, there are certain expected times during the year that we can expect cheap (or pricey) flights. Let's dive into the best and worst times to book.

Consolidators and Popular Scams to Avoid

When it comes to travel scams, education is the best form of defense. The more you book online tickets, the more quickly you’ll recognize potential scams and shady sites to steer clear of.

Let’s start with sites to be very wary of: airline consolidators.

Booking Terms

Learn the difference between Round Trip, One Way, Multi-City, and Open Jaw fares (plus how to get the best price by booking a combination of routes).

Booking Classes

When booking flights, do pay attention to the airfare class that you’re booking. We'll learn the difference between Basic Economy, Economy, Premium and Business (or First).

Booking with Miles and Upgrades

When booking flights for your client, you can ask if they prefer to book using money, miles (points) or upgrades. Let’s talk a little more about those options and how to redeem upgrades or miles for a seat.

The 24-Hour Cancellation Rule

The 24-hour rule let’s you make changes or cancel flights within 24 hours of booking. Sounds simple, right? Book a ticket, client cancels less than 24 hours later, get a refund, right?

It’s a great rule, but it’s actually a lot more complicated than it sounds. Let's learn about how it really works.

Making Changes or Cancellations

Now that you know all about the 24 hour rule, what happens if your client has changes outside of that window? Let's learn about the cost to change tickets, plus how to make changes online or by phone.

Dec. 2020 changes to change fees

Hidden fees lurk, thanks to the pandemic. Read to find out more.

What Can I Do When an Airline Changes My Itinerary?

Airlines constantly toy with their flight schedules, and the further ahead you book a ticket, the more likely it is you might find yourself facing a schedule change.

If that change is just a few minutes here or there, then it might not matter. But a multi-hour delay can make a real difference, especially if you’re trying to make it in time for an obligation at your arrival city.

So what are your options and are you eligible for a full refund?

Quiz Break!

Let's take a quick break to test your knowledge so far.

Baggage Fees

Each airline will have its own baggage policy for both carry-on’s and checked bags, so it’s important to google before you book so that you can communicate any additional fees and policies to your clients.

Real ID Changes (in 2020)

Beginning October 1, 2020 all travelers over the age of 18 will need a REAL ID compliant form of ID to fly in the US.

What the heck is a REAL ID, anyway?

Best Practices for Managing Domestic Travel

There are a few best practices that will make your life easier and take your client’s domestic travel from good to great. From creating airline profiles to checking your client in 24 hours prior to their departure, this list will turn you into a travel pro.

Minimum Connection Time

Did you know that every commercial airport in the world has what's known as a minimum connection time, or MCT? MCT is the amount of time the airport has determined is the absolute least amount of time an able-bodied person needs to make a connection to a continuing flight. Let's learn why this matters.


Practical test time! You’re booking me a domestic ticket and sending me a calendar invitation once everything is squared away.

After your practice, we'll cover how I find tickets and send calendar details to clients.

Don't forget to download your calendar template so you have a reference!

Sending a Travel Itinerary

In some cases, your executive may want an electronic copy of their itinerary. Download your itinerary now and use it for your own clients!

BONUS: Cancellations & the Global Crisis

International Travel Booking

International Travel Introduction

In this next lecture, we’re going to discuss best practices for running general searches for international travel. A lot of the modules we’ve covered also apply to apply to international travel, like best tools for flight searches, booking directly through the airlines, and sending the calendar details.

Codeshare Flights

Let’s talk codeshares! What are they and why they're a good deal for your clients!

Best Times to Book International Flights

If there’s one thing to remember about international travel, it is this: High tourist season affects prices greatly, and tourist seasons are unique to each continent. Let's dive into the best and worst times to book.

International Changes and Cancellations

Like domestic travel changes, most airlines charge a change fee. What makes international changes so unique is that there’s really no standard across airlines.

A good rule of thumb to book by is: The cheaper the ticket, the more costly it is to make changes, but it’s exceptionally crucial to not only read about the airlines cancellation policies on their website but perhaps also consider calling them as well.

International Baggage Fees

Since each airline will have its own baggage policy for both carry-on’s and checked bags, it’s important to google before you book so that you can communicate any additional fees to policies to your clients. Let's discuss how to do just that.

Helping Clients Secure or Renew Passports

Your client will need a passport in order to travel internationally. Here's how to help them apply for a new passport or renew one by mail (US only).

Travel Visas

Always, always, always google the country your client is flying into to see if they need a Visa to enter the country.

Vaccinations for International Travel

To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate, that is the question. Lucky for us, the World Health Organization (WHO) maps out what vaccines are mandatory in order to enter a country.

We'll also cover a nation-wide (US) service where your clients can get vaccinations needed before travel.

Check out the WHO vaccination guide and Passport Health in the resources.

Flying with Children and Pets

Booking Travel for Infants and Kids

Let's chat about traveling with kids in the US and internationally. We'll cover fees, seating, identification, and everything in between!

Booking Travel for Pets

Sometimes you may need to book a flight with a pet (cat or dog). We'll cover what you need to know before you can book, fees, and how to book Fido a ticket too!

ESA certification info in resources.

2021: No More ESA Animals

Understanding Miles, Alliances, Elite Tiers, and Upgrades

Earning, Booking with, and Understanding Miles

Let's talk about airline alliances and how they can help you clients amass or book flights using points.

Airline alliances in resources.

Elite Tiers and Perks!

Get the lowdown on elite status perks. From complimentary upgrades to mileage multipliers to their own customer-service phone line and waived change fees, there's a lot to love about frequent flier benefits.

How to Qualify for Elite Status: EQMs, EQSs, EQDs explained

So how do earned miles translate into perks? Let’s talk EQMs, EQDs, and EQSs, oh my!

How to Achieve Elite Status Without Flying

A lot of airlines nowadays push their own credit cards. If your client spends a lot of money for their business, you may want to do some proactive research and suggest a card for them.

Credit cards with best perks for fliers in resources.

Upgrades Using Status, Miles, and Bids

In this lecture we’ll discuss real ways in which you can help your client navigate the world of upgrades using either elite status, miles, or bids (typically found on international routes).

Bonus: SECRET Perks for Elite United Members
Elite Status During the COVID-19 Outbreak

After-Hours & Emergencies

Why You May Consider Using a Travel Agent

Using a travel agent often comes with a major perk: an after-hours emergency line. Let's chat about when you might want to use one to help book travel.

Regal Wings in resources.

Dealing with Lost Passports

Lost passports happen - don't panic! Let's discuss how you can help your client create a lost passport claim and get back home - stress free.

Airline Refunds: AirHelp to the rescue!

Delays, cancellations, pilot strikes, involuntary bumps, and even overnight company shutdowns (hello Thomas Cook) happen, but it doesn’t mean you or your client have to accept them.

AirHelp link in resources.

A note about REFUNDS
Connecting with Social Media

Sometimes, you need to get in touch with an airline for troubleshooting. If your wait-time on the phone is too long, try using social media to get in touch instead!

Credit Cards and International Money

Credit cards vs. Cash

Cash vs credit cards while traveling: Who will win? We'll chat about the pro's of each in this lecture.

Visa ATM and Mastercard ATM locator in resources.

Ground Transportation and Car Services

Car Services (and the Best On-Demand Service to Use)

There may be times when your client needs a driver to or from an airport, event, etc. I'll share my favorite on-demand car service and show you how to request a car.

Rental Cars (Plus 2 Best Companies for Corporate Rentals and 1 to Avoid )

When clients want rental cars, they don’t just want you to find them a reasonably priced car. They want ease, convenience, and efficiency. Let's discuss two of the best corporate services for rentals (and one major player to avoid).

Car Booking Tips, Best Practices, and Things to Avoid

From car pickup tips to insurance to speeding tickets, we cover everything you never knew to ask about rental cars.

Changes to Los Angeles Curbside Pick up

Hotels and Airbnb for Corporate Travelers

What Clients Really Want In a Hotel

Business travelers have a very specific set of criteria when it comes to booking hotels and having this checklist in mind is a great way to ensure that you’re booking a good option for them.

Understanding the Star System Across the Globe

The hotel rating system globally varies country by country. We'll discuss what to look for and how to find a great hotel using my favorite research tool.

PRACTICAL TEST: Booking a Hotel with Specific Amenities

Your assignment: Find 2 hotel options in Lisbon, Portugal, that’s at least 4 stars, has a rooftop pool, and has a guest-rating of at least 4.5 stars on Tripadvisor.

After your practice search, we'll also cover how to email options in an easy-to-read format. Don't forget to download your template!

Hotel Booking Tips and Best Practices

Let’s talk practical tips to make the hotel booking experience easier on your clients. We'll also cover my favorite tool to help ensure that your client remains productive at their hotel.

Booking Airbnb & VRBO for Business Travelers

Let’s talk about the sharing economy. There may be times that a hotel doesn’t make sense for a client, while a rental via Airbnb or VRBO does. It could be your client’s preference, or it could be cheaper to secure a short-term rental rental.

We'll discuss the ins-and-outs of how to choose a rental for business travel and how to spot a scam from a mile away.

Prepare your Exec’s Mobile Phone for Global Travel

Phone plans for international travel (+ budget friendly option)

I’ve got good news for you. Using mobile phones around the globe has never been easier. In this lecture, we’ll chat about international travel plans and how to set your clients up for success when on the road.

Bonus: We'll also chat about how you can help you client use their mobile phone for free abroad.

Best international cell plans in resources.

Must-have apps for travel (+ offline maps and languages)

There are a handful of apps for both iPhone and Android that I recommend my clients never leave home without. These recommendations can also be found on your cheat sheet.

Links to the following in resources:

XE Currency

Google Translate

Google Maps

Flight Aware

Booking Private, Luxury Travel

Private Air Travel

Let's chat about the best (in terms of affordability and customer service) private air services.

Link to the following in resources:

JetSuite (JSX)

Surf Air

Wheels Up


Members only programs, cards, and perks

There are a variety of members only clubs and cards on the market today that give special perks to entrepreneurs, CEO’s and founders.

Let's chat about some of my favorite luxury services:

The Private Suite (PS)

Founders Card


Research Tips: You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Google search QUIZ

Think you're a google pro? Prove it with this test!


Flight Booking Exam 1

Ready to put all your knowledge into action? It's time to practice booking flights and sending emails. Ready? Let's go!

Flight Booking Exam 2 (this one's tricky)!

This test isn't so straight forward...pay attention to points and "painless" travel...


Test your knowledge with these 10 questions.

BONUS: The Ultimate Travel Packing List

Downloadable: The Ultimate Client Packing List

Download this writable packing list and send it to your clients. They'll never forget a travel item again!

Creating a Successful Experience for Your Client

Wrapping Up

Here’s a very simple question you can ask your boss: What needs to happen for this trip to be a success?

The ULTIMATE Travel Course

Ready to take your learning to infinity and beyond? Head to the Ultimate Travel Course for assistants. Together, we'll build upon the lessons learned on Udemy and apply it towards: 

  • Private travel booking

  • Luxury travel booking

  • Priming your executives phone for international travel

  • Must-have apps for travel

  • Cash & ATM 101

  • Elite status

  • The share-economy (and avoiding scams)

  • And much, much more.

COVID-19 UPDATES: Everything You Need to Know

Coronavirus has upended everything the airlines knew about historical pricing.

Airline fare systems are VERY smart-as we've explored in this course. Until pandemic made their data useless. Now they have no idea what the demand will be for certain routes over certain dates.

Could the decisions the airlines make now change travel as we know it? Check out this video from the WSJ on the future of travel and where we go from here.

Coronavirus and business travel policies.

In light of the current (March 2020) global health crisis, we'll chat about airline and hotel policies as they relate the coronavirus.

Question we'll cover:

1. Does travel insurance cover COVID-19?

2. Can I get a refund from airlines and hotels for trips cancelled due to health concerns?

3. How are different airlines and hotels approaching the impact the virus?

4. Which are currently the most affected countries?

5. Should you cancel all domestic business trips?

6. What are the most effective ways to reduce infection risk while traveling?

Jan 26 2021: All travelers flying into USA need proof of negative COVID test

Beginning Jan. 26, international travelers bound for the United States must show negative coronavirus test results before boarding their flights. Here’s what you need to know.


Check back often for LIVE updates as global travel policies continue to change.

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