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Staying Mindful During Difficult Times

Practical mindfulness techniques to help you stay resilient during difficult times
Rob Hills
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Understand what mindfulness is and what it isn't
Learn more about the importance of having a mindfulness practice during difficult times
Discover the scientifically proven benefits of mindfulness
Practical mindfulness activities to apply during difficult times

This course will teach you how to develop a mindfulness practice so you can stay mindful during whatever difficult times you are going through. Whether it’s problems with a relationship, workplace issues or a global pandemic, this course will show you some really easy to implement strategies, so you don’t get caught up in fear, worry or anxiety.

How is this course different?

This course is taught from a very practical point of view. I don’t talk about singing bowls, burning incense or chanting for hours at a time.

I’ve taught mindfulness to police officers, federal agents, defence force personnel and others who needed no fuss practical skills they could use in the field. I teach easy to learn skills that you can incorporate into your life today.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who has suffered with worry, stress, or anxiety

  • Overthinkers

  • People who want to learn about mindfulness but don’t consider themselves ‘mindfulness people’

  • Anyone who is going through hard times and wants to learn a way out

I know you don’t have time to add things to your already busy day so I will show you practical ways you can integrate mindfulness into your normal daily routine. By designing a strategy that works within your context, you will enjoy the benefits of mindfulness without carving out more time for another thing on your to do list.

There are often misconceptions around mindfulness and what it all means. Some people think it’s new age, others think it’s religious and some people think it’s just another passing fad. These notions are the reason some people shy away from learning more about mindfulness. In this course I want to introduce you to mindfulness from a practical and pragmatic viewpoint and dispel some of those myths.

At the end of this course you will have all the tips and techniques you need to stay mindful during difficult times.

And remember, this is a Udemy course, so you have the added benefit of 100% money-back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose, so join me right now in what I can promise will be a really beneficial course.

Welcome & Introduction


Welcome to the course Staying Mindful During Difficult Times! In this video we will be setting the scene for what you will learn on this course and how it can help you stay mindful during difficult times.

About Me

Before we start working together, allow me to introduce myself and tell you about how I came to mindfulness. I will share with you my own battles with mental health and how I struggled to implement a mindfulness practice. Talking about my context of serving in the Royal Australian Air Force and then working for the Australian Federal Police helps to demonstrate why I talk about mindfulness from such a practical point of view.

I will also share some of my career highlights, including my book The No Bullsh*t Guide to Mindful Leadership and the opportunities I’ve had to share mindfulness with the world.

Difficult Times

We are living in unprecedented times, but this course isn’t just about global pandemics and global crises. This course is for anyone who has struggled through difficult times. Whether that be difficult relationships, tough work situations or just an overactive mind. This course can show you how to stay mindful during all difficult times.

What is Mindfulness


We all have voices inside our heads! ‘Who me’…. Yes you! Noticing the voice and choosing to refocus our attention is half the battle of mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness

In this lesson we use a popular quote by Jon Kabat Zinn to get to the heart of what mindfulness is. If you are serious about developing a mindfulness practice you need to ensure you have the best understanding of what mindfulness is and how we can start being more mindful.

What Mindfulness isn't

I’ve been surprised over the years to hear lots of different mindfulness myths. Sometimes those myths are from popular culture, other times they are based on our own perceptions of what it means to be mindful. In this lesson we talk about what some of those myths are and why they aren’t true.

Article: You don't have to be a monk to be mindful

In this article, originally published in 2016 on www.robhills.com.au, I outline some of the misconceptions and myths around mindfulness. The contents of this article is also featured in Lecture 6: What Mindfulness isn't.

Mindfulness or Meditation

There is still some confusion about the difference between mindfulness and meditation, and that even extends to the mindfulness community. So in this lesson I want to explain the difference between mindfulness and meditation and give you an example to help highlight those differences.

Benefits of Mindfulness

It seems like every day a new study is published on the benefits of mindfulness and why we should all have a mindfulness practice. In this lesson I talk about some of the scientifically proven benefits of mindfulness and how they can help you through difficult times. Not all benefits of mindfulness can be proven scientifically so we talk about some of the anecdotal evidence of how mindfulness can help as well.

MindFULL or Mindful

Have you ever had that experience where you are walking around with so much information in your head you aren’t really paying attention to what’s happening around you. In this lesson we talk about the difference of being MindFULL and Mindful.

Mindfulness Strategies


S.T.O.P. is a short mindfulness activity you can do when you catch yourself over thinking or struggling with something difficult. Although it’s a very simple tool, it’s also very effective in helping you stay mindful during difficult times. A lot of people report back, even after years of receiving training in this tool, how S.T.O.P. helps them stay mindful.

5 Senses

In this short guided meditation, we will run you a popular method of being mindful and connecting to the present moment through your senses. This is another opportunity to jump out of the theory and into a practical activity you can start integrating into your own life today.


One of the best antidotes for stress, worry and anxiety is to be grateful for what we have right now. We will talk about the power of gratitude in this lesson and I will walk you through a very simple and practical method of being more grateful every single day.


Not always a popular subject, but a lesson we all need to be reminded of. We are all guilty of juggling too many balls, and sometimes because we have too many balls in the air, we start dropping them. In this lesson we talk about how focusing our attention on one task at a time makes us more productive, happier and more mindful as well.


In this lesson I talk about my own experience with starting a meditation practice at work, so nobody knew that I was even meditating. We also look at guided meditation through apps and how they can help some people develop a meditation practice.

Other Mindfulness Techniques

There are lots of ways to be more mindful and in this lesson we look at some common examples of mindfulness techniques. Based on your preference you will be able to choose different activities that you can start applying mindfulness to in your life. This course is about you, so we want you to choose activities that will work the best for you!

The Third Space

In this lesson I will introduce you to some research by Dr Adam Fraser called The Third Space. This research has had a dramatic effect on me and the way I transition between work and home. We will talk about what it means to rest, reset and reflect between activities and how you can develop your own third space.

Course Wrap Up

Action Plan

We are almost at the end of the course, but before you leave, we want you to make an action plan on how you will implement mindfulness in your life. Reflecting on what you have learnt from the course so far we want you to choose a mindfulness activity to start practicing today!

Thank You for Watching

You have made it to the end – Congratulations! We hope you have enjoyed the course and we hope you have found it useful. Although it’s the end of the course, it’s not the end of us – we want you to reach out with any questions you may have or any assistance we may be able to provide to help you stay mindful during difficult times.

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