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Sales Skills: the Complete Closing-the-Sale Blueprint

Get Accredited to Close Like the Wolf of Wallstreet: Closing is #1 Most Important Sales Skill (Blueprint & Scripts inc.)
Stefan Devito
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Triple your closing rate within one week
Learn how to successfully pitch any product or service
Feel confident in any sales encounter
Understand how to easily overcome objections
Experience high amounts of energy and confidence in your pitch
Master world-class closing techniques
Recognize how cognitive biases influence your pitch
Feel motivated every day (NLP and state management techniques)
Know how to close any sale

Closing the sale is the hardest but also the most rewarding sales skill there is. Learn everything from psychology to tonality to the best strategies to use to close almost any sale.

This sales skills course is part of The Complete 10 in 1 Sales Skills course: THE BUYING CODE

  • “One of the best courses on Udemy ever! Highly engaging and practical.” – David Krejca

  • “Thanks for such a nice course, found it very useful. I love the way you explained everything with a nice story and an eye catching slide also the course language was easy to understand” – Id.Jabin Antony26

This course is different from other courses in four ways: 

  • First, you get access to the world’s most successful closing techniques – from the Wolf of Wall Street to Grant Cardone

  • Second, these techniques have been revised, updated and tested to make sure they apply in the 21 century – and in any cultural setting and industry

  • Third, the content is fully optimized for different personality types and uses the DISC model for optimal closing results

  • Fourth,  over 100 closing techniques are broken into the most digestible form: audiovisual maps, brainwaves, stories and practicals will make sure you can crack the code of closing  quickly


The world’s biggest names in sales – the Wolf of Wall Street and Grant Cardone personally taught me these techniques many years ago – my team and I went out and scrutinized them, making sure they apply in the digital market of the 21st century and are appropriate for different products, industries and cultures.

In this course, you are going to learn how to close any sale. It contains proven techniques of how to create both emotional and logical certainty and using the right closing techniques to close anyone who is closable. This means that in this course, you are going to learn


  • Over 100 techniques to close any sale in any industry

  • Understanding the importance of cognitive biases and human psychology of decision making

  • Getting yourself into a peak state of mind in crucial moments

  • Adapting your sales style based on personality types (DISC model)

  • How to overcome objections and close anyone who is closable


“Closing” is the key skill any salesperson or entrepreneur needs to know in order to be successful in the world of sales and persuasion. Without this skill, you will barely close anyone and your finances will be dire as a result.  If you have this skill, and you get really good at it, you will start closing more and making more money as a result than you have ever made before.

  •       “Captivating“ – Diana Dimedio

This course is also unique in terms of the delivery of the content:

  • Interactive mind maps and visualizations

  • Adapted course material for different types of learners

  • Quizzes and practicals


Sign up for this course right now, and believe me, you give me one shot here to teach you how to close anyone and you will be thinking back to this moment as one of the best decisions you have ever made in your life.

Let me ask you one thing: what is the worst that can happen?  The worst that can happen is that you get your full money back (full money-back guarantee).

  • “I can say this is the best sales course I have ever attended in my entire life, Stefan you did a great job.” Rebecca. Dinmore

Introduction & coming right to the point: the close

Own the sale
The Wolf of Wall Street looping technique – basics
One question
First loop - basic building bloc
Second loop - where the magic (usually) happens
Third loop - the holy grail
Looping summary - putting it all together
Looping system

Closing - the tools you need

Effective goal setting
How to increase your confidence
Attitude basics
Attitude - daily habits
Attitude - boosting yourself before the call
Confidence and attitude - what can you do to increase it?
Attitude checklist
Introduction to closing - the mindset of a life worth living & 5 rules
The five key rules of closing
How to ask for the order - basic closes
Training your voice: basics
Training your voice: exercises
State management
When to use which tonalities

The world is not flat: understanding personality types to persuade & close

DISC personality types examples
DISC cheat sheet & workbook
DISC: personality types and how to persuade each
DISC: tailoring communication
What can DISC do for your persuasion game?
Sensory types and how to tailor communication
Which are the 5 sensory types?
Cognitive biases introduction
Cognitive biases 1-3
Cognitive biases 4-6
Cognitive biases
Final exam (theory)

After the close (preview)

Outlook objections handling: 5 approaches
Which are the 5 approaches to overcome any objection?
Thank you and outlook
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