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Practical Travel Hacks: Sensible tips for intelligent travel

How to make the most out of your travel goals
Stephen Heiner
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How to narrow down your travel options and avoid overwhelm
Ways to pay for your travel
Ways to better experience a local culture
Clothing, baggage, and packing essentials
Tips for exploring local food options
The pros and cons of different types of travel lodging
Transportation options and recommendations for different parts of the world
Planning tips
Important travel mindsets
Why documentation and reflection are critical parts of engaging travel
And more!

What this course isn’t

This is not the “here’s how to use your points to get free flights and hotel stays” course.  I figure if you want to travel, you’re going to figure out some creative ways to fund your journey.  I’m not going to offer a ton of secret websites or coupon codes.  Those things come and go and are only somewhat reliable.  I also have no affiliate products I’m hawking. 

What this course is

This course is about mindsets and planning.  About understanding fundamentals of food, clothing, and shelter as they apply to your journey and your experience with the locals.  I’ve taken my experience of living in six different countries on three different continents, my travels to 48 US states and over 60 countries, and packaged them into a course chronicling all I’ve learned.  After taking this course you will:

  • Be familiar with the various ways you can fund your journey (including some you may not have known about)

  • Be more aware of the best travel planning resource out there (it’s not on the internet) and how to use it to help you plan a reasonable trip you will treasure and remember, not a headlong rush to pick up as many countries as you can in one go.

  • Know what you should and shouldn’t pack, as well as what you’ll be carrying all those things in.

  • Be briefed on couchsurfing, hostels, airbnbs, and hotels: the differences, pros, cons, and important facts.

  • Understand the ins and outs of budget air travel, rail and bus (coach) travel, as well as find out about some alternative ways of getting around.

  • Appreciate the importance of documenting your journey.

Travel: the best education

Travel has always mattered to me.  When I was making my final decision about where to attend for undergraduate university, I chose the school that not only featured study abroad, but required the entire sophomore class to go together to Rome to live and study for a semester.  Travel is so important.  It takes you out of your comfort zone.  It teaches you the difference between “the” way of doing things and “a” way of doing things (hint: you might move from an understanding of the former to the latter).  It gives you the chance to make lifelong friends.  It asks you deep and serious questions about who you are, where you came from, and where you’re going – and not just because you literally need to know where you’re headed next on your trip!

If you want a course that isn’t about just showing you “hacks” but is about truly understanding and appreciating travel, and how to set yourself up best to do so, come join us in the course!

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Practical Travel Hacks: Sensible tips for intelligent travel
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