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Opportunities to be part of The Tourism Academy’s growth – internships, job openings, special projects, and more. 

Work With Us

Our team of over 70 instructors, instructional designers and tourism leaders come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We represent dozens of countries and leading universities.

The majority of our team contributes to the by writing articles, developing new courses and creating multimedia. We have a class of interns each semester. Our leadership team runs the website, leads our marketing, and supports the rest of the team.

Interested in joining The Tourism Academy team? Applications are now open.


Check out current openings below.

Writing & Research Intern

Writing and Research Interns write biweekly posts for The Tourism Academy in an adult learning/professional development topic area of interest. Our interns also collaborate with contributors and other team members to research trending topics in tourism, training and technology.

Writing & Research Interns enjoy:

  • Having the freedom to write about travel and educational issues that interest them
  • Collaborating with other interns and Tourism Academy team members
  • Flexibility to write about topics that they cared about
  • Joining a community of passionate, like-minded writers, travelers and advocates

Business Development Intern

As The Tourism Academy grows, we’re excited to explore options for revenue generation. Business Development Interns will be at the forefront of creating and executing our social enterprise organization model.


If you’re interested in lifelong learning and sustainable business, this role is perfect for you. You’ll have a major role in developing The Tourism Academy’s organization model while working directly with our founders.

Online Educator and Instructional Design Intern

Individuals who are passionate about technology, education, travel, and equality make for the best online educators and instructional designers. These interns will work directly with our Instructor Success team to assist with teaching, providing training, and creating courses that make a real difference.

You’ll have an opportunity to learn from experts while participating in the development, delivery, and qualification of instructional lessons. 

Multimedia Intern

As part of our goal to make adult learning and tourism impact more accessible, Multimedia Interns will produce podcasts, videos, infographics, and other media.


If you’re passionate about creating social change, travel and lifelong learning, but writing isn’t your strong suit, this position is perfect for you. Multimedia interns will work directly with fellow interns and Tourism Academy contributors to transform their work into engaging, actionable media.


Contributors write one to two articles per month for The Tourism Academy in one to three topic areas. They are expected to engage with those topics in their communities. Specifically, we are looking for contributors who are interested in learning and writing about poverty and development, and social enterprise and business. Prior writing experience is encouraged but not required. Fill out this form to apply to be a contributor.

Guest Writer

Guest writers write a post for The Tourism Academy in an area of expertise or personal experience. To submit a piece as a guest writer, please fill out this form.

Surprise Us

Looking for another way to join The Tourism Academy community? Have you got a great idea or skill that we can’t afford to miss? Fill out our general interest form.


Why apply for a Tourism Academy internship?

Our internships are focused on education development, 21st-century skill mastery, leadership development, and analytical thinking. The ultimate goal of this program is to develop instructional designers and business leaders who can effectively teach adults from remote or virtual locations and build businesses from the ground up.

The Tourism Academy Interns are challenged to add value to projects and are encouraged to take risks, and think outside of the box. We invest in our interns by providing them with clear direction and leadership for a robust and rewarding experience. Our Interns do not serve as assistants, work on projects that directly generate revenue for the organization, and do not displace regular employees.

This is a tremendous opportunity for students to gain start-up and general business experience, improve their specific technical skill sets, and help build something that will have a great social impact.

Key value points to consider about this internship:


  • Allows you to teach in our classrooms and contribute to the organization from anywhere throughout the world and with an internet connection.
  • Has a flexible schedule that allows you to take advantage of other opportunities and interests.
  • Lets you work on real projects and not menial tasks.
  • Offers extensive learning and professional development opportunities.
  • Provides instruction and guidance from top educators, marketers and tourism leaders from across the country who aim to both develop your abilities and grant you opportunities to implement your own strategies.
  • Great for building your resume.
  • Provides the opportunity to develop your online business skills and to create an online teaching portfolio.
  • When the internship is complete, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, a Digital Portfolio of your achievements, Skill Badges, and a Letter of Recommendation.

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