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The Tourism Academy’s online course development solutions will help you convert your existing materials into engaging online training content that meets the needs of hospitality and tourism professionals.

Our instructional designers, multimedia specialists, and graphic artists will create interactive and engaging courses for your business.

Design Philosophy

At The Tourism Academy we follow the AGILE Instructional Design methodology based upon the work of Conrad Gottfredson and around which the The Tourism Academy Instructor and Course Builder Tools are designed. Try one of our courses


Services Include:


Deliver Better Training

Our number one objective is to provide value for each of your people, empowering people and enabling growth. 


The Tourism Academy's full-service custom course development services can help anyone with training development needs. Custom courses created by The Tourism Academy include a level of instructional and artistic design aligned with your budget and strategic needs. Our experience in multiple industries provides an extensive assortment of courses, assets, and expertise on a great variety of topics, from which to draw from – all of which can be leveraged into your customized, yet affordable, course. All of the content in The Tourism Academy built courses is yours to update, change, leverage and distribute as you wish within your powerful and private Tourism Academy workspace. This greatly increases the benefit while actually reducing the long-term cost of your custom course(s)/content.


Relevant content and continued training curriculums are essential elements of development in any organization, industry or trade. The Tourism Academy knows how an effectively designed curriculum, supported with a motivating delivery model, can be a key factor in retaining learning outcomes and achieving goals. Let The Tourism Academy's expert educators & designers help you develop training programs that are meaningful, practical, cost-effective and which will more effectively benefit your employees, customers, members or any other learners important to your organization.

Transformative, Engaging & Accessible

and... Meaningful, Practical & Effective... Having effective training material is always a rapidly moving target for any organization. If your training content isn’t timely and relevant, it’s guaranteed to be less effective. The Tourism Academy's training tools and services ensure rapid development, easy updates, flexible and simply leveraged content and immediate distribution capabilities – all within a system and pricing model that doesn’t rely on hefty budgets. Our offerings are specifically designed, built and priced to ensure your training content can be efficiently created, deployed, updated and leveraged; helping you address individual learner’s or an entire organization’s immediate needs as they continually change.


4 Simple Steps - Course Development Process



We work with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and stakeholders to understand the audience, determine competencies and define the course objectives.

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We design the learning plan, develop content screens, assessments, interactive elements and practice exercises that fit those objectives and meet your training goals.

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Our creative team will develop your course using text content, interactions, simulations, images, audio and video, to ensure your learners are engaged through the course.

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Completed courses can be delivered through your Private Academy at and through any SCORM compliant LMS, including our hosted LMS.

We Are Expert Online Course Creators

You may have most of the material already – storyboard, content, graphics, and assessments and need some assistance in putting it all together. Save time and internal resources by engaging us to help you in course development.


Quality is the at the core of The Tourism Academy’s DNA. This is what makes the Gold Standard in online learning for trade professionals. Even though we provide world class learning tools such as our authoring tool and the LMS, we realize that creating quality content is not easy for everyone. This is why we work with industry, teaching, and design experts to create content for you. These are courses that are perfected through skills and experience gained over decades and after thousands of work hours, contributions and trials. All you need to do now is to get The Tourism Academy to develop them and see the results being delivered. At The Tourism Academy and, we empower businesses and industry while advancing employee development. Now let us help you be a part of this journey.

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We offer a number of course development opportunities with unbeatable benefits, customizable to meet your objectives. 

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