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Advancing Careers. Growing business. Improving Communities.

This is The Tourism Academy story – how we got started and what we do best. 

A mission that matters

We help people learn when, where, and how they need it. This guides everything we do. Bringing incredible instructional design, accessibility, and great online course content together has never been more important. 

eLearning for business results in an 18% increase in employee engagement. – SHIFT

Our approach is transforming the way an entire industry views professional development and training. We make online learning transformative, engaging, and accessible. It’s quality training for anyone and everyone.


Innovation is problem solving

It’s not enough to be on a mission that matters. You must have the ideas and technologies to match.

The Tourism Academy does.

empowerment Is In Our DNA

Building an organization that fundamentally changes how an entire industry sees and understands training requires a different philosophy. Because of this, The Tourism Academy founders imbued their organization with multiple points of view.

Accessible Courses

Engaged People

Intuitive Design

The Tourism Academy - A different kind of organization

We can’t change the world if we have the culture of a typical corporation. So we don’t. 


Travel is one of life’s most transformative experiences, bridging cultures and continents. Educating and empowering the professionals who make travel possible is one of the most important missions of the 21st century. We proudly wear the mantle of “learning geek.”

We use our platform

“We Use Our Platform” is a core organizational value. We’re not just listening to our users’ needs. We’re living them. We’ll never stop listening to you and we’ll never stop seeing the world from your point of view.

Data informs our decisions

Data in action. Our Learning Development team analyzes billions of log records, scientific journals, and leading research on adult learning, business psychology, and user engagement. The Support & Success teams work in tandem with Engineering to track customer cases and solve emerging issues early.

Sound Science

There’s a science to building great learning experiences. We live by it. Research and experimentation inform our product design choices.

Here are a few examples of areas The Tourism Academy is making big contributions:

Self Discovery

Helping people answer their questions

Students play an active role in their learning process. Adult learners need direct access to knowledge instead of being subjected to instruction. The Tourism Academy’s students absorb, interpret and apply data more effectively.

Collaboration and Happier People

Better workplaces mean happier employees empowered to express their fullest ingenuity and creativity.


Our goal is to liberate the natural curiosity and creative energy stored in people everywhere—energy which is too often suppressed because it hasn’t had a proper channel for activity.

Global Partnerships

Our mission is simple – to make education more effective and efficient for the tourism industry. We share this goal, our resources, knowledge and support with a number of allied organizations, including those seen here. 


Do you represent an organization that seeks to improve the quality and availability of tourism education? If so, contact us to see if a partnership with your organization may be a good fit. 

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