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We are creating a world where knowledge, skill, economic development, exploration, travel, and personal growth thrive together. Learn about us. 

the Tourism Academy is Built for travel professionals

It started with a brilliant business psychologist, a well-recognized tourism developer, and a savvy instructional designer sharing their passion for travel. They came together to solve one of the most challenging problems in tourism. They needed better professional training and education. They decided to make travel available to more people around the world. They wanted to share the personal and cultural growth derived from traveling.

They focused on the expertise and industry they knew best. To unlock the potential for greater reach, impact, efficiency, and sustainability. The tourism industry needed qualified education. Training that is transformative, engaging, and accessible, on demand.

These were the fundamental ingredients for creating The Tourism Academy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

The Tourism Academy is on a mission

The Tourism Academy mission is to educate, empower and inspire. That is to make it easier for tourism professionals to advance their careers. To enable sustainable business growth. To provide life-changing travel experiences to more people.

A Culture of Innovation

Innovation occurs when people are allowed to think, dream, and take risks. We innovate when we try new things, collaborate, and learn. 

The Tourism Academy has an in-house team of experienced instructional designers. We are tourism development leaders and support personnel. Together, we create solutions that bridge technology, education, business, and adult psychology. The results are tangible. 

"There is one thing all travelers have in common - we are curious creatures. We take this love for learning everywhere we go.
We are at the intersection of hospitality and education - where people connect, relationships blossom, knowledge is traded, and ideas are given freedom to cross-pollinate."

Change the world with us

The Tourism Academy team is a community of 150+. We are makers, doers, designers, engineers, educators, marketers, and learning devotees. Our people show up every day to make The Tourism Academy and tourism education better. We share, laugh, work hard, consume lots of snacks, and continue to learn from one another. Because we are united by our curiosity and quest for knowledge. These are the values we hold dear. Furthermore, this is what you can expect when you partner with The Tourism Academy to build your business.

The Tourism Academy is about culture and ensuring that our actions speak loudest. What’s more are eight principles, values, that guide what we do. Take a look…

Our Global Audience

The Tourism Academy is the premier marketplace for online travel training. Therefore, we provide online courses for business, skill, teaching, and learning. We connect the entire tourism industry to the skills, knowledge, and travel products they need to succeed. 










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Adam Burke
Adam BurkeLos Angeles Tourism
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With our ongoing focus on workforce development and building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive industry, your work is more important than ever!
Amir Eylon
Amir EylonLongwoods International
Read More
I am honored to be joining some wonderful thought leaders in tourism via this opportunity to help give back in a small way to this industry that has given me such a wonderful and fulfilling career!
Elliott Ferguson
Elliott FergusonDestination DC
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The Tourism Academy is important as the success of retaining and attracting diverse talent to this industry is directly correlated to the level of involvement in outreach, education and opportunities. The industry benefits from diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives that create more opportunities for all people at all levels.
Colleen Cleary
Colleen ClearyCommunications & PR Expert
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Creating amazing and life changing experiences for travelers has to start with educating and training the staff that works to provide those experiences. At the end of every trip, it's not just the beautiful sites that people remember, but it is how they felt along their journey. It's up to the incredible tourism staff across the world to make travelers feel welcomed, inspired and excited to experience the world.
Lisa Curtin
Lisa CurtinPAFM
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The Tourism Academy focuses on developing best practices in the tourism industry. By bringing together tourism professionals, who freely share successes and challenges, The Tourism Academy is well positioned to have an important role in sustaining the industry. =
Vincent Agaba
Vincent AgabaRwenzori Tourism Academy
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It is through our careers that we impact the world and more so through tourism we break cultural and geographical barriers.
Al Hutchinson
Al HutchinsonVisit Baltimore
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As Chair of Destinations International, it is critical to me that the destinations we work with are making their communities better not just for the visitor, but also for the residents and greater community. To do this, we need to be having important conversations about what challenges our destinations are facing and how we as a hospitality industry can address these challenges. I’ve recently started having conversations at the international level about the increase in violence that all of our destinations are collectively facing, labor shortages, childcare, lack of community pride, weather disasters – you name it. It's important to me that we come together as an industry and address what is causing these challenges and talk about how it is impacting our communities.
Dr. Juan Alberto Villearreal
Dr. Juan Alberto Villearreal
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I have been fortunate enough to travel for work and pleasure and even had the opportunity to collaborate with tourism schools and bureaus. Like most people, I have had my share of good experiences and some not so much. A constant thing that I found is that no matter where you are or what the situation is, people have the capacity and ability to make it better or worst. By focusing on developing the people involved in the industry, the Tourism Academy is setting up a strong foundation that will allow the industry to build reliable and knowledgeable professionals capable of making every travel experience unforgettable.
Bill Caldwell, CPA
Bill Caldwell, CPACaldwell & Company
Read More
The Tourism industry as well as all small business do not take advantage of all of the things that are available to them. The Academy gives them this information, customized for them.
Jeffrey Ment, JD
Jeffrey Ment, JDMent Law
Read More
People are excited to be in the travel industry but without proper training, it is a difficult area to jump into. We clearly are educators and try to make legal issues simple and easy to implement!
Kristina Wilson, JD
Kristina Wilson, JDKEW Legal
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[The Tourism Academy] is a resource to people in the industry and they seek guidance to industry leaders how they can best provide service to their clients.
Richard Peterson
Richard PetersonUS Cultural & Heritage Marketing Council
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The Tourism Academy's work is unique as a collective source of for education, applied industry learning, ambassador engagement and peer related discussions. This work is important at a time when the travel and tourism industry rebounds and rebuilds.
Greg Deshields
Greg DeshieldsTourism Diversity Matters
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The Tourism Academy provides a unique vehicle to ensure professional education of the tourism is available in various forms. I strongly believe education, empowerment, and inspiration are key to achieve success in the tourism industry
Samantha Keene
Samantha KeeneExecutive Coach & Educator
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Although people can receive training on the lob through their work experience, there is still quite a large gap that exists beyond the traditional education environment and a a result, people often struggle to receive adequate training in technical fields. The Tourism Academy helps to fill that gap by providing individuals the training and capacitation that is needed to not only improve their own livelihood but also contribute positively to the economic prosperity of their region.
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