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We are creating a world where knowledge, skill, economic development, exploration, travel, and personal growth thrive together. Learn about us. 

the Tourism Academy is Built for travel professionals

It started with a brilliant business psychologist, a well-recognized tourism developer, and a savvy instructional designer sharing their passion for travel. They came together to solve one of the most challenging problems in tourism. They needed better professional training and education. They decided to make travel available to more people around the world. They wanted to share the personal and cultural growth derived from traveling.

They focused on the expertise and industry they knew best. To unlock the potential for greater reach, impact, efficiency, and sustainability. The tourism industry needed qualified education. Training that is transformative, engaging, and accessible, on demand.

These were the fundamental ingredients for creating The Tourism Academy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

The Tourism Academy is on a mission

The Tourism Academy mission is to educate, empower and inspire. That is to make it easier for tourism professionals to advance their careers. To enable sustainable business growth. To provide life-changing travel experiences to more people.

A Culture of Innovation

Innovation occurs when people are allowed to think, dream, and take risks. We innovate when we try new things, collaborate, and learn. 

The Tourism Academy has an in-house team of experienced instructional designers. We are tourism development leaders and support personnel. Together, we create solutions that bridge technology, education, business, and adult psychology. The results are tangible. 

"There is one thing all travelers have in common - we are curious creatures. We take this love for learning everywhere we go.
We are at the intersection of hospitality and education - where people connect, relationships blossom, knowledge is traded, and ideas are given freedom to cross-pollinate."

Stephen Ekstrom, Chief Strategist Tweet

Change the world with us

The Tourism Academy team is a community of 150+. We are makers, doers, designers, engineers, educators, marketers, and learning devotees. Our people show up every day to make The Tourism Academy and tourism education better. We share, laugh, work hard, consume lots of snacks, and continue to learn from one another. Because we are united by our curiosity and quest for knowledge. These are the values we hold dear. Furthermore, this is what you can expect when you partner with The Tourism Academy to build your business.

The Tourism Academy is about culture and ensuring that our actions speak loudest. What’s more are eight principles, values, that guide what we do. Take a look…

Our Global Audience

The Tourism Academy is the premier marketplace for online travel training. Therefore, we provide online courses for business, skill, teaching, and learning. We connect the entire tourism industry to the skills, knowledge, and travel products they need to succeed. 










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What People Say About Our Team and Our People


People are talking about The Tourism Academy and our people…


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The Tourism Academy offers a number of online destination trainingsponsorship, marketing, and promotion opportunities. There are unbeatable benefits, customizable to meet your objectives. 

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