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Build relevance and cultivate stakeholder alignment. The Tourism Academy provides transformative, engaging and accessible education. Intentionally designed for adult learners by business psychologists and instructional design professionals. 

We understand destination marketing, travel agent and hospitality needs. The Tourism Academy offers hundreds of transformational courses, on demand. Build & launch your tourism ambassador program. Find your next keynote speaker or book an entire educational track. Take a course right now or become a sponsor to promote your products. 

Join our mission to advance careers, grow hospitality businesses, and develop sustainable tourism economies.

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Community Impact, Alignment & Relevance On Demand

Build powerful relevance. Cultivate stakeholder alignment. Empower, upskill and engage your front-line workforce. Train your community to create more positive visitor experiences so that you reduce your convention and visitor acquisition costs. Boost reaffirming social impressions. Gather support for a common goal – your mission!

Tourism Ambassadors learn online 5X faster and have access to your training 24/7. Thereby making your training accessible whenever and wherever motivation peaks. We teach your stakeholders to deliver amazing positive experiences so you can assert your claim as a thriving, must-see destination.

The nonprofit Tourism Academy has course instructors, dynamic delivery methods and certified course completion – delivered online & on demand to boost efficiency & effectiveness.

Featured Skill Courses

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$19.99 $16
Have you thought about having a destination wedding at some exotic location, but didn’t know where to start? Planning a destination wedding is a fu...
1.5 total hours
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$19.99 $16
COVID-19 has caused massive layoffs among travel consultants. Travel companies are now focusing on implementing new automation technologies and the...
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$99.99 $80
5 total hours
$19.99 $16
As an Infectious Disease physician and international traveler myself, I have seen poor planning ruin what should have been a positive, life-changin...
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$19.99 $16
4 total hours
$39.99 $32
Are you stuck at home right now, browsing through photos from the last trip and dreaming of all the places you’d go to? If you love to travel as mu...
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Career Development
5 total hours
$19.99 $16
Hi, my name is Paul and I’ve been a traveling tour guide for years. I can tell you already, it is the best job in the world. I get to meet so many ...
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This course aims to increase you knowledge of tourism and help you to start your own tourism business. You will be able to understand why tourism i...
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Did you know that the world economy and humanity is at the verge of one of the most transformational periods in history of mankind? Have you heard ...
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Industry Leadership

Business Class Podcast

Leaders of the tourism & hospitality industry’s most recognized destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and travel businesses are talking with and talking about The Tourism Academy. 

Listen in to meet people who have built fulfilling careers. People with successful businesses. People who create sustainable local economies in tourism! 

Behind every magical place are fascinating people who create, deliver and promote unforgettable travel experiences – these people are the Business Class podcast guests. 

If you are working in the tourism & hospitality industry or, simply inspired by travel and longing for a job that allows you to see more of the world, you’ve found your tribe.

Learn more >>>

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Take Courses. Get Rewards.

Great prizes & trips

Qualify for travel experiences, tours, gift items, online shopping rewards and other prizes. These and many other great incentives are available from The Tourism Academy.

Likewise, learn about travel products your customers will love and you win! 

The Tourism Academy 

One Step Ahead

Your People Deserve The Best Tourism Training

Organizations that offer online training generate 26% more revenue per employee. [ELEARNING MAGAZINE]


The Tourism Academy is here to help you increase engagement, retention, profitability, and efficiency. 


Choose from more than 200 pre-qualified online skill courses. Each course is taught by talented, trained instructors and topical experts. Bundle courses and invite your people to your own private academy

Create your own travel agent academy, advocate recruitment course or ambassador training. 


Share your curated course catalog with your employees, stakeholders, and membership. Onboard faster, certify more efficiently, and upskill your people more effectively. 

Three Steps To Success​

The Tourism Academy Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

People in the tourism love to learn; it’s why we travel. 

We want to share that experience with the world. Learn About Us.


Focused on People

We strengthen the relationships people have with travel experiences, industry knowledge, technology, and each other.


Culture of Learning

Results from passionate people and organizations working to better themselves every day. 

This is to say, learning drives innovation and understanding.




The Tourism Academy is built on a foundation of honesty and integrity. We are true to our word, mission and purpose.

Help The Tourism Academy change the world one traveler at a time

Those who know better, do better. With the right skills, knowledge, travel agent academy programs, and private learning channels, The Tourism Academy helps provide life-changing travel experiences to more people.

The Tourism Academy is on a mission

The Tourism Academy’s mission is to educate, empower and inspire the tourism industry. Subsequently, making it easier for travel professionals to advance their careers, grow their businesses and provide life-changing travel experiences to more people.

The Tourism Academy is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to The Tourism Academy are tax deductible. 

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Create Your Own Tourism Academy

Need an efficient and effective way to provide your employees, members, and affiliates with incredible education, on-demand, and streamline your certification program? We have you covered.

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Generate valuable leads while you help to empower and inspire the tourism community with destinations, products, services, or events that advance their careers, grow their businesses, and increase tourism worldwide.

Become A Sponsor

Empower and inspire travel agents, operators and convention planners by making quality training more accessible. Provide free courses, connect with travel professionals, and enhance your brand position in the global marketplace.

Teach What You Love

Share your travel, tourism and teaching experience, gain recognition, make some extra cash and become part of our preferred live-training network.

Hire Us to speak

Want to bring The Tourism Academy to your conference or workshop? We have the tourism, engagement, and business speakers you need.

Where will knowledge take you?

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