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Tourism Keynote Speakers

We engage the most engaging educators, intuitive instructors, and passionate public speakers so your next meeting is memorable, inspirational and motivational. The Tourism Academy is your source for tourism and hospitality keynote speakers. 

We Bring Passion, Knowledge and Delivery.


Does your next meeting require engaging & insightful Tourism Keynote Speakers?

The Tourism Academy’s incredibly talented instructors, leaders and keynote speakers travel the world, giving talks. Most importantly, we conduct interactive workshops and deliver powerful educational tracks. We have the keynote speaker your audience demands for tourism, motivation, empowerment and business growth. If you can organize it, we will be there to empower, inspire, and educate. 


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Are you organizing a conference? Need an Amazing Keynote Speaker?

The number one objective is to provide value for each person in attendance at your event. The Tourism Academy’s amazing keynote speakers, conference education and tourism workshops bring high-value content, charisma and engagement so that your audience gets more than their money’s worth. As a result, you create memorable, transformative, and engaging experiences. 

An inventory of great tourism workshops. Proven in person and online training sessions. We have the education programs your audience demands. 

The Tourism Academy has more than 200 incredible courses available now, on-demand. Our reach extends to 32K+ travel related businesses and 145K+ tourism professionals. That is to say, our engaging instructors bring transformative training and a passionate global audience. 

We tailor each keynote address, talk, tourism workshop, and multi-day full learning track to the specific needs of the your conference, meeting or event. In other words, the question we answer is not “How do I teach this?” but “How will they learn it?”

Whenever storytelling, teaching or delivering a keynote address, we get to know the audience. Our shared passion for lifelong learning (and travel) produces unforgettable and value-packed meetings.



  • Travel (non-stop, business class flight)
  • Hotel (non-smoking)
  • Speaking fees


How we help

  • We will promote your event across our social channels and (space permitted) email communication
  • Your speaker will be available before and during the event for press appearances
  • Your speaker will arrive with their own laptop, HDMI connector and remote

Meet The Tourism Academy's Speakers

Katie Angelone

Katie Angelone

Educator, mother, wife, traveler, yoga lover, humanist, feminist, LGBTQ ally, environmentalist, outdoors lover, camper, crafty, handywoman, risk-taker, animal lover and can’t stay away from dark chocolate.

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Al Hutchinson

Al Hutchinson is the Chair of Destinations International and President & CEO of Visit Baltimore. He also serves on the boards of the United States

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Seema Jain

Founder and CEO of Seva Global
Growing Business Through Cultural Competency

Seema Jain has years of experience with helping companies become more culturally competent…

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Norman Hull

One of the most engaging and content-rich Customer Transformations and Leadership Keynoters and consultants in the world today.

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richard peterson

Richard Peterson

An Ambassador For: Sustainable Tourism – Travel – Community Engagement – Art – Culture – History – Heritage – Brand

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Tico Soto

Tico Soto has opened his own firm, Tourism Tactics by Tico! Soto’s focus will be hospitality sales training, international and domestic tourism, sales relationships and product development.

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Carolyn Feimster

CJF Marketing International
Carolyn J. Feimster, CRX, CMD.

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Keith Douglas

Keith Douglas, Founder and CEO of KD&CO Advisors, is a marketing, branding, and operations executive with 25+ years of experience in the travel, tourism, hospitality, and commercial real estate with globally
recognized iconic brands and assets.

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Melinda Alcosser

Melinda Alcosser is a Verified Travel Advisor (VTA) through American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA). She works as a custom travel planner with All-Travel.

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greg deshields

Gregory DeShields, CDE, CHE

Qualified Tourism/Hospitality and Academic Professional Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE) proficient in developing and implementing plans, strategies, and initiatives specifically designed

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heather markel

Heather Markel

I help professionals seeking more freedom and flexibility to ditch their desk and discover their destiny through full time travel. I teach the mindset, money and mastery you need to make this lifestyle possible.

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jeremy sampson

Jeremy Sampson

CEO, The Travel Foundation
Jeremy is a globally recognized leader and alliance builder, advocating for systems change that improves the impact of the travel and tourism sector on communities and the environment.

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Neville Bhada

CEO Applied Strategies and Principles: Panel Moderator
Neville is the founder and CEO of Applied Strategies and Principles, a firm that specializes on the
strategic planning, research and marketing needs of growing and changing organizations.

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Would you like The Tourism Academy to deliver A full Learning schedule?

We bring The Tourism Academy to your audience, anywhere in the world in person or online. Just get your people there. 



  • Provide a venue
  • Market and promote the event, and be confident that 50 or more people will attend. Speaker fee applies.
  • Projector or very large monitor
  • Speakers and/or PA system
  • Dry erase board, note pads and pencils or pens
  • Travel (non-stop, business class flight)
  • Hotel (non-smoking)


How we help

  • The Tourism Academy provides an event registration page
  • We equip your organization with a 60 second promo video
  • You plus two others will be invited to a VIP dinner

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