Meet our instructors

Our instructors share a love for travel, lifelong learning and seeing each student achieve their goals. Together, we recognize that every student has a unique learning style and we strive to make great content available when, how and where our students need it. Our instructors are supported by The Tourism Academy’s Learning Success team, adapting curriculum and lessons so that our students can be successful. 


This esteemed group includes acclaimed academics, instructors and administrators from leading universities like UCLA, NYU, FIU and Seton Hall. Bringing fresh insight, proven learning technique, expertise and practical experience are dozens of corporate trainers, topical experts and industry leaders, from Fortune 500 companies, major travel conglomerates, associations and affiliates.

Your instructor will be…

  • qualified by degree and/or equivalent topical and teaching experience
  • thoroughly prepared for lessons
  • excited to teach you new concepts


Your instructor will…


  • provide you with a clearly stated assignments
  • provide tips to make implementing what you’ve learned more effective
  • provide resources to enhance your learning experience

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