I’m one of those lucky folks who loves their job. With several decades of experience in tourism and hospitality marketing under my belt, I’ve gained strong insight into the two key sides of the equation: why/when/how consumers choose travel experiences, and why/when/how brands choose marketing initiatives.

The knowledge gained from both perspectives serves Redpoint’s clients well. I can help them look through a clear lens to showcase their offerings in the most attractive light, and I can also help shepherd them through the (often difficult) journey of choosing how to spend a precious budget most effectively.

I’m the author of the Redpoint blog and our wildly popular monthly newsletter Tickled Red, which is all about having fun in travel marketing. I love to educate tourism folks on useful topics – marketing, guest service, budget choices – and I’m comfortable doing this with an audience of any size. When tapped as a keynote speaker, I’m known for bringing surprises to shake up the audience with excitement… 8-piece jazz bands, custom-made beer, 1,000 cupcakes, homemade cookies, even an exclusive flavor of ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s created just for that event. I also once served a wedding cake and champagne toast to the audience, as the keynote speaker at a tourism event at which two long-standing US state organizations (restaurant and lodging) were merging to become one.

When you travel the world for a living as I do, experiences make an impression on you. Here are 10 of my best, coolest, most surprising, and most impressive experiences at tourism destinations and hotels around the world. If these don’t make you smile, you may need to get your pulse checked.

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